GreenBrowser 6.6.109

A free,speedy,frugal browser,that is sufficiently powerful for lay users
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More Quick Tools' Greenbrowser is a tabbed, simple-to-use,versatile,efficient and speedy web browser intended for use on Windows PCs. It uses significantly lesser computer memory compared to mainstream browsers like IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. According to its developers, among contemporary browsers, it is the one that uses the very least amount of RAM. Greenbrowser comes with a variety of interesting and innovative features. For example, you can drag and drop text into the search button using the mouse. The 'Boss Key' feature safeguards your privacy by quickly hiding Greenbrowser at any time. By means of the 'Link List' feature, all URLs linked to a page are displayed to you, and thus, the task of exploring websites is made simple. The feature list of this browser (major features only) is as follows:

- Search Engine: Choose from a list of popular search engines. Search easily by dragging and dropping text into Search box using the mouse
- Ad Filter: Stop annoying ads from being displayed
- Groups: Save several pages as a group, then access the entire set by opening the group
- Tab Bar: Show details of all open tabs
- Boss Key: Protect your privacy by quickly hiding Greenbrowser
- Link List: Display all links in page. Select and explore links of interest
- Speed Dial: Quickly open websites that you visit often
- Auto Fill Form: Capture personal data on a one-time basis, then fill out forms using the stored data
- Collector: Help collect text, save and ad filter record, run script
- Plugin: Enhance functionality by downloading and installing some useful, commonly used plugins
- Shortcut Key: Quickly run a (browser) function.
- Save Page: Save a webpage to your hard disk (or other storage device)
- Quick Menu: Quickly edit, copy, save, hide or filter image, flash, media, frame etc. found on a web page
- Top Video Player: Continue to watch video opened in one tab even if you skip to another tab

Greenbrowser supports over 20 human languages. One can customize its appearance by choosing one from 25+ 'skins' available at More Quick Tools' website. The developer has also provided over 75 plug-ins to enhance appearance, ease-of-use & functionality at their website.

It works on all Windows versions, 32/64 bit.

Review summary


  • Small Installer file size (less than 1.5 MB)
  • Launches immediately
  • Sufficiently powerful for common use


  • None
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